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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chapter Seventy-Four: Edgar to the Rescue

Alec Reagon looked grimly at the group.  “What’s wrong with you?  You’re supposed to look scared.”

His mother nudged him.  “Look behind you.”

Alec turned around.  Behind him was Edgar and a small SWAT team with their weapons all trained on Alec.

“Oh, fudge,” Alec said.

“I’d drop that rifle if I was you,” Edgar said.

Alec dropped his weapon.

“How did you find us?” Hillary Reagon asked.

“We’ve been tracking you for months,” Edgar said.  “I figured you would try to go to the last place you thought we would think of.  So I thought that this farm was the place you thought would be the last place we’d think of.”

“I think I understood that,” Luna said.  “I think.”

“If you’d kindly follow these marshals,” said Edgar, “there is a van waiting to take you to a federal holding area.”

Alec sighed and shrugged.  His mother looked at the SWAT team and the marshals and shrugged as well.  The two of them slowly trudged along behind the marshals and in front of the SWAT team.

“Wow,” Strange Brew said.  “That was so amazing.”

“Were you really able to psych them out that way?”  Grace asked.

“Really? No,” Edgar said.  “Actually Marge called us and let us know there was something up in your woods.  But I didn’t want them to know that.”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Cat.  “I’m just really, really glad that you showed up.”

“So relieved,” said Blue Sky.


The group reconvened in Groovy House.  

“So is this it?” Darren asked.  “Is this the last we see of the Reagons?”

“I certainly hope so,” Edgar said.  “While it’s up to the courts to decide, I hope and expect to have them behind bars for a long time.”

“I can’t imagine any jury finding them innocent, given how much they’ve done,” said Nancy.

“I can’t either,” Edgar said.  “While I suppose you never know, the evidence in this case is overwhelming.  And your friend, Don York, seems more than anxious to testify against them.  I’d be real surprised if they’re not in the pen for a good, good many years.”

“So now what?” Sal asked.  “Will we see you again?”

“Oh, probably,” Edgar said.  “I’ve gotten to like this place, even if you’re all a bunch of dirty, pinko hippies.”

“Speak for yourself, big boy,” Chuck said.  “I think of this as fuchsia.”  He ruffled his brightly pastel gown.

“Well, I guess it’s goodbye for now,” Edgar said.  “Hopefully the next time I come here it will be for purely social reasons.”

“I’ll walk you to the door,” Luna said.  “There’s some things I want to check out with you before you leave.”

When Edgar and Luna left the room, Dan grabbed Sal and Nancy and Cat and Viv and Darren and Marge.

“We’ve got to talk,” he said.

The seven of them went to the back house and began to plot.

“We need to make sure Luna doesn’t find out about any of this,” Sal said.

“Absolutely,” said Nancy.

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