With apologies to the Beatles, the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, and the state of Vermont.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Spring has Sprung at the Commune

“It’s so nice out there,” Grace said.

“I know,” Marge said.  “It’s hard to be working in here now that the weather is so much warmer.”

Ken was just staring out the window at the green lands filled with wildflowers and the very green mountains in the distance.

“Can we take a day off to just enjoy the spring?” Grace asked.  “I feel like I’m developing commune fever.”

“I’m sure you could, but I worry that if I take a day off and really enjoy myself,  I’ll want to take even more days off.”  Marge looked out where Ken was watching then pulled herself back.  “And also, then everyone might want to take time off.”

“Maybe we should all take off a day together.”

“Maybe we should have some sort of event to celebrate spring,” Ken said.

“Like what?” asked Grace.

“How about a big benefit concert?” said Ken.

“That sounds great,” Grace said.  “I know some folks in bands that would probably be up for playing here.”

“Maybe we should do something about these dreary rooms here,” said Marge.

“I don’t think the rooms are that bad,” Ken said.

“Yeah, but now that we have that neat looking Groovy House, the stuff in these two other buildings just looks drab.”

“Maybe we should repaint some of the rooms,” Grace said.  “Make them look a little snazzier.”

“I’d be up for doing that,” Ken said.

“I think that’s a good idea,” said Marge.  “I’ll see what I can do about getting us some paint.”

“Thanks, you guys,” Grace said.  “I’m glad we’re working together.”

“Yeah,” said Marge, “and we’d better get working now.”

“Okay,” said Grace.  “And let’s do a super cleaning job.  It’s spring!  Let’s do some spring cleaning.”

“Off to spring cleaning,” Ken said.

“Off to spring cleaning,” Marge said.

“Off to spring cleaning,” Grace said.

And off they went.


The idea for a spring concert came up again in the community meeting.   Grace raised it but pointed out that it was Ken’s idea.

“That’s a cool idea,” Viv said.  “We could raise some money for the farm and have fun at the same time.”

“We know some musicians that play in a band at Three Sycamores,” Nancy said.  “I bet they’d be happy to come up and play here.”

“I know some folks in a band that plays around here,” said Ken.  “That’s what gave me the idea.”

“I know a faery band down at Squat Mountain,” Chuck said.  “I’m sure they’d enjoy coming up to play as well.”

“I think this is a really good idea too,” said Luna.  “We could hold it in the back field.  We’re not going to be planting in that field this year.”

“What do you want to call this concert?” Dan asked.

“How about The Spring Fling Concert?” said Cat.  “Just to celebrate the warmer weather.”

“I think that’s a great name,” Dan said.

“Me, too,” said Ken.  “I think we should make up posters for it.”

“I’d be glad to draw posters,” Will said.  “I like making things like that.”

“Dan and I can work on creating a stage,” Sal said.  “But we’re going to need time to do it and probably quite a bit of help.  How are we going to get the time to do this when things are so busy anyway?”

“I want us to start getting more people again,” Luna said.  “Even if they’re temporary workers.  I’m gonna start looking for folks.  Given what happened to Cecil Nixon and the fact that the Reagons are under investigation, I don’t think Hillary Reagon would try anything right now.”

“I hope not,” Dan said.  “I feel much more confident with our three lawyers helping out and Edgar busy leading the investigation.”

“We should definitely talk with the lawyers about the concert,” Sal said, “and make sure everything is perfectly legal.”

“This concert sounds like such a nice idea,” Darren said.  “I really hope it’ll happen.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Nancy said.  “I think we’re in really good shape now.  I’m sure it will happen.”

“Cool,” said Grace.  “I think this is going to be fantastic.”

“I’m so glad that it’s spring and the weather is so nice,” said Cat.  “I’m just enjoying all the sunshine.”

And then, of course, it rained for the next four days and the farm turned to mud.

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