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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chapter Thirty-Six: Some Surprises for Mr. Nixon

Cecil Nixon showed up almost two weeks later.

Sal and Nancy were outside Groovy House, enjoying the nicer weather and occasionally making comments admiring their new place, when they noticed the shady lawyer standing a couple of feet away from them.  Neither of them heard him approach.  It was as if he simply appeared there.  He took off his hat and swept it down to his knees in an ironic gesture of greeting the two of them.

“I hope you have permits for this lovely new building,” he said.  He grinned at Nancy and Sal the way a diner would grin at the main course.

“Sugar!” Nancy said.

“Oh, no,” Sal said.

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Fred said.

Cecil Nixon spun around so fast his feet made a circle in the soft soil.

Fred and George were standing behind him and Fred was dangling the permit from his hand.  

“You didn’t think we’d forget again, did you?” George asked.  He reached into his coat pocket.  “We also have something else for you.  Look at this. It’s a restraining order.  You can’t do this any more.  And I’ve talked with the sheriff.  If you come around here harassing these people again, the sheriff said he’ll be happy to take you in and lock you up.”

“You can’t do that,” Cecil said.  “I’m a lawyer.  I know my rights.”

George smiled and handed him the papers.  “I’m a lawyer too and I know your rights.  You have the right to simply read these papers and leave.”
Cecil Nixon skimmed the papers, scowled, and walked away, down the drive and off of the farm property.  

“Wow,” Sal said.

Fred grinned.  “Oh, this is just the very beginning. There are many more surprises to come for Mr. Nixon.  I think he’s going to be very sorry that he agreed to work for Hillary Reagon.  Very sorry indeed.”

“These are going to be nasty surprises, I hope,” said Sal.

“Oh yes,” George said.  “Quite nasty.”

“Good,” said Nancy.

“Wow,” said Sal.  “I never hear you talk like that.”

Nancy paused and looked Sal straight in the eyes.  “I’m sorry,” she said.  “But he absolutely deserves it.”


With the somewhat warmer weather, most of the snow had disappeared from the fields and business was busier than ever.  People were streaming in and out of the produce and bakery stands and the stuff they grew was flying off the shelves.  Vegetables were still being grown in the EcoGreenHouse but with the weather getting nicer, the commune was preparing to do some real farming.

Luna, Viv, and Chuck were busy moving the last bits of snow and ice off of the fields that they were planning to plant in.  

“I think we’re close to ready,” Luna said.  “Things look like they’re in good shape here.”

“Have you got seeds?”  Chuck asked.

“We’ve got lots of seeds,” Luna said.  “I ordered a ton of them from Indecent Exposure Seed Exchange.”

“There’s Peter,” Viv said.

“Hey, there,” Peter called to them as he approached.  “You still doing those Wednesday night meetings?”

“Oh yeah,” Luna said.  “We’ve one scheduled for tomorrow night.”

“Put us on the agenda,” Peter said.  “Fred, George, and I have got some stuff to report to all of you.”

Grace was facilitating the meeting.  The three lawyers sat quietly while the commune members discussed the dishes (for the twelfth time), whether they should look for members, and whether they should do something to celebrate spring (once the snow finally completely disappeared).  Finally Grace turned to the three quiet gentlemen.

“Okay,” Grace said.  “Peter, you and George and Fred wanted to talk with us about something.”

“We do,” Peter said.  “If we can have a few minutes of your time, we have quite a bit of news for you.”

“You remember I said Cecil Nixon had more surprises coming to him,” said Fred.  “Well, he certain got some this week.”

“Mr. Nixon’s offices were raided by federal agents on Monday,” Peter said.

“Really?” asked Cat.

“Yes, indeed,” said George.  “And your friend Edgar had a lot to do with it.”

“We can tell you now that it’s over,”  Peter added.  “There has been a federal investigation of the Reagons and Cecil Nixon.  Edgar Gordon headed up the effort.  They haven’t been able to pin much on the Reagons but they found enough on old Cecil to merit getting a search warrant on him.”

“They found all sorts of things when they searched his office,” Fred pointed out.  “Apparently you folks weren’t the only ones he was harassing.”

“They found enough to put him away for a long time.” said George.  “However, he won’t be on trial for a while.”  

“But his law practice is over,” Peter said.  “I don’t think that you’ll ever see him again.”

“That’s such sad news,” Sal said, and paused.  “Not!”

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