With apologies to the Beatles, the Federation of Egalitarian Communities, and the state of Vermont.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chapter Ninety-One: Catastrophic Cataclysm

It was a warm summer day when the truce was finally broken and it was a can of tuna fish that did it.

Strange Brew found the can, unopened, by the side of the road.  Sally was nearby.

“Poor little fishies,” Sally said.  “All torn up and put in a can.”  She bowed her head prayerfully as she thought of the demise of the tuna.

“Nothing that we can do about it now,” Strange Brew said to her.  “We might as well just feed it to Inky.  I’m sure that he’ll enjoy it.”

Strange Brew opened the can when they got back to the farm and put it in a bowl outside Harmony House.  Inky was in the back fields annoying the goats but he smelled the tuna right away and trotted to the house.

Carrie also smelled the tuna.  She was hanging out in the sun a little past Groovy House.  While the can of tuna was clearly in Inky’s territory, it wasn’t far from hers and she was very annoyed that those people were feeding him this lovely stuff and not her.  She wanted her share.

Carrie quietly crept to where she could see Inky devouring the tuna fish.  He looked like a very happy kitty.

She slunk behind a tree close to the dish and made ready to pounce.

As silent as Carrie was, Inky must have heard something.  He lifted his head and cocked his ear.  Carrie froze in place.

Inky waited and listened.  When he was satisfied that whatever he heard was nothing, he went back to eating.

That’s when Carrie made her move.  She sprung with a powerful leap and landed right on Inky as he was chowing down.

At that point, the fur, literally, flew.


“Gotcha,” Viv said, pulling Carrie out of the fray.  “Bad cat.  Attacking Inky is not a good way to get yourself tuna fish.”

Strange Brew had Inky.  “I’m so sorry.  I should have realized that this would happen.  Don’t blame the cats.  This is my fault.”

“Okay,” said Viv.  Carrie was limp in her grasp.  “You could have done better but don’t take all of the blame.  I think that these two were spoiling for a fight.”

Strange Brew looked at Inky.  “How can I get you to share stuff with Carrie?  That’s what this commune is all about: sharing.”

Viv laughed.  “I’m not even sure all the humans here are that good at sharing,” she said.

Sally came by at that moment.  “Bad karma,” she said.  “I knew that fishies in a can were bad karma.  Now it’s affected the poor little kitties.”
“Those poor little kitties really wanted those fishies,” Viv said.  “So how can we do it?  How can we teach the kitty cats and all the people here how to share?”

Strange Brew looked at Inky.  “Will you let Miss Carrie have some of your tuna?”  

Inky looked the ground.  “Mewwww,” he said.

“Well, that’s a start,” Strange Brew laughed.

Viv looked at Carrie.  “Will you share with Inky?” she asked the cat.

Carrie looked away for a moment and then looked right at Viv.  “Meowowow,” said Carrie.

“Okay,” Viv said.  “Now share the tuna like good communal cats.”

The two cats slowly went up to the bowl.  Each took a side and ate from it, being careful not to bump into the other.

“Now,” Viv said.  “Do you think we could do this with Sal and Dan?”

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