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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chapter One Hundred and Two: The New Kitchen

“Two weeks late and almost three hundred dollars over budget,” Lois said.

“Hey,” said Sowbug.  “In the contracting world that’s about perfection.”

Earthworm looked around.  “I think it looks great.”

“Me, too,” said Mo.

“Yeah,” said Sorrel, “I think it looks fabulous but maybe we should ask somebody who’s in the kitchen crew.”

Almost on schedule, Zelda walked in.  “Holy muffin tins!” she said.  She spent a moment just gazing around the room with her mouth open.

“Do you like it?” Dandelion asked.

“It’s unbelievable!”

“Unbelievably good or unbelievably bad?” asked Mo.

“Unbelievably terrific!” Zelda said.

“What’s all the noise in here?” Nancy asked and then stopped short as she took in the room.  “Unbelievable,” she said.

“I’ve already said that,” said Zelda.

Nancy didn’t say another word.  She just started hugging everyone on the construction crew.


“Unbelievable,” Darren said as he looked around the new kitchen.  “I’m still having trouble believing  they were able to put three ovens in here.”

“Believe it,” Candy said.  “I’ve got stuff baking in two of them.”

“And there’s so much more room,” Darren added.

“The construction crew was very creative,” Nancy said proudly. “They expanded the room by getting rid of the back porch and building onto the land.”

“Isn’t it the greatest?” said Zelda.  “I can tell I’m going to have fun working in here.”  She stopped and thought for a minute.  “Well, I already have fun working in here, but now I’m going to have even more fun.”

“So what’s in the oven over there?” Darren asked.

“Lots of pies,” said Nancy.  “Most of them are for the commune but I’ve made three special ones just for the construction crew.  It’s my own thank you to them.”

“Okay,” said Darren.  “Fine by me.  After seeing all this, I definitely think they deserve their very own pies.”

“You betcha,” said Zelda.

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